Nicks Crabs: Elkridge, MD's Go-To for Carryout Steamed Crabs

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Hello from Nicks Crabs at 3720 Southwestern Blvd, Baltimore! We’re famous for our delicious steamed Maryland crabs, and we’re thrilled to offer our carryout service to Elkridge, MD. Our crabs are a hit for their fresh taste and perfect seasoning, making every meal special.

Top-Quality Steamed Crabs

For crab enthusiasts in Elkridge, MD, Nicks Crabs is the place to be. Our unique cooking style ensures every crab is a treat. We’re all about delivering great flavor, making our carryout service the preferred choice.

Enjoy Nicks Crabs’ Specialties in Elkridge, MD

Every crab we prepare is a testament to our dedication to quality. Customers from Elkridge, MD, appreciate the care we put into our cooking, resulting in steamed crabs that are consistently delicious and ready for any occasion.

Convenient Carryout from Nicks Crabs

If you’re around Elkridge, MD, and craving steamed crabs, Nicks Crabs makes it simple. Our carryout service is streamlined for ease and speed, ensuring you can enjoy our seafood with minimal wait and maximum satisfaction.

Daily Crab Specials: A Treat for Elkridge, MD

Don’t miss out on our daily crab specials! These deals are perfect for our Elkridge, MD customers, offering exciting flavors and savings. It’s our way of keeping the menu fresh and interesting.

Get Your Steamed Crabs Here

Ready for some top-notch steamed Maryland crabs? If you’re in Elkridge, MD, Nicks Crabs is your destination. Just a short drive to Baltimore for the best carryout crabs around.

Contact Us Today

Visit us in Baltimore, or call 410-525-1022 to place an order. Email us at for more information. We’re proud to serve Elkridge, MD, and can’t wait for you to try our crabs.

Nicks Crabs: Bringing Baltimore’s Best Crabs to Elkridge, MD!