5 Best Crab Seasoning for Your Maryland Steamed Crabs

steamed crabs and steamed corn

Below are our 5 very favorite Crab Seasoning Blends!

1. Nicks Crab Seasoning

Our own blend of seasoning is a secret recipe that is made exclusively for us by J.O. Spice. Our seasoning has a extremely unique flavor and heat. Most of our customers agree that once you have had Nicks seasoning its hard to use another blend! This is only available at our location! Be sure to stop in and get some delicious Maryland Steamed Crabs as well as some of our crab seasoning!

steamed crabs and steamed corn

2. J.O. Spice #1 Brand Seafood Seasoning

The #1 Brand Seasoning is J.O. Spices flagship seasoning. It has a very good flavor and just the right amount of herbs and spices to enhance the flavor in many different types of food. You can pick some up here.

JO Spice #1 Brand Seasoning

3. J.O. Spice #2 Brand Crab Seasoning

The #2 Blend is easily the most widely used crab blend. This blend is what most crab houses use every single day. The #2 Blend is certainly a main stay when it comes to Maryland Steamed Crabs. If you haven’t had it before or if you need some you can grab some from here.

JO Spice #2 Brand Crab Seasoning

4. J.O. Black Crab Spice

This seasoning is easily one of our favorites. It is quite different then the other crab seasoning in this list but it is a easily distinguishable and delicious option if you want to try something new. You can get one here.

JO Spice Black Crab

5. J.O. Garlic Crab Spice

The Garlic Crab Spice has just the right blend of garlic and seasoning. This blend of crab seasoning is very popular in the south so not necessarily a normal way to season your Maryland Steamed Crabs. None the less if you haven’t had it trust us you need to try it out. You can grab yourself a bottle here.

J.O. Spice Garlic Crab

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